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About the artist

Margaretha koper Rannou

Professional Painter

Margaretha Koper Rannou is a professional painter who has been producing original, modern and imaginary artworks for more than 30 years.

Over the years, she has cultivated a unique technique based on the transcription of her emotions.

She manages to transcribe her emotions directly onto a canvas by drawing inspiration from the atmosphere that surrounds her, her vision, the depth of things or quite simply from a reflection on her life.

In addition, she loves to play with light, shadows, depth and transparency of elements to share her feelings.

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A painting is a poem without words

Depending on her current state of mind, whether it is joy, sadness, nostalgia, fear, she tries to bring another vision of the world.
Little by little, she created a colorful world for herself. By combining different hues, shades and pigments, such as yellow, red, blue, orange, gray and many others, she never ceased to find the ideal combination. Thus, she uses a lot the technique of laying, removing, wiping to play with the material on the canvas.
She handles oil paint as well as watercolor, acrylic or pastels. She often paints on canvas but that does not prevent her from painting on other supports such as wood, paper or cardboard.